Dept of Transporation, Operation of the FHWA Mobile Concrete Laboratory


Global provides this essential step for effective utilization of new concrete test procedures and mixture design methods of training and disseminating information to the personnel in the field (both governmental and industry) who perform concrete tests and mixture design. We used the Mobile Concrete Laboratory (MCL) to showcase these cutting edge capabilities, train government and industry personnel, and manage an equipment loan program that is crucial to the effective implementation of these new technologies to the state highway agencies and industry.

Most tasks involved the relocation of the to highway construction sites throughout the United States, often in remote locations, where we would provide the following services:

  • Conducting on-site field testing at construction projects to supplement state highway agency (SHA) testing.

  • Training SHA personnel to get “hands-on“ experience with new technologies and test equipment.

Global’s engineers would handle almost all aspects of the task, with oversight and approval by the COTR, from coordinating schedules and requirements with state highway agency personnel to technical planning, driving the laboratory to the work site, operating the laboratory, conducting training, and preparing task reports.

Our engineers provided other technology transfer services, including the following:

  • Showcasing equipment and technology at industry conferences, symposiums, and SHA facilities to familiarize transportation personnel with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Providing an equipment loan program where SHA personnel can borrow equipment for various lengths of time after having been trained in its use by MCL staff.

  • Publishing technical articles in magazines and professional journals.

  • Giving presentations at national and international conferences and trade shows.

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