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Global has been providing industrial hygiene and environmental consulting services to nearly 164 public schools in the District of Columbia for the past year on an on-call and time and materials basis. Under this contract, our services have ranged from asbestos and lead based paint abatement oversight, mold remediation oversight, drinking water sampling, indoor air quality assessment, nuisance dust testing, to UST Closures and soil and groundwater sampling,. We also provide emergency response services where our personnel have responded to on-site situations within a very short window of time, often one hour or less.

Some of the tasks completed under this contract include but are not limited to:

Drinking Water Sampling: Our inspectors were sent out to various schools early in the mornings to get the 1st sample from the water fountains and taps. After a couple of minutes of allowing the water to run, a 2nd sample was also collected. These samples were then analyzed for lead and copper levels. A report with all the finding and recommendations was then provided to the client..

Dust Sampling: This involved testing the air for dust levels in several rooms at a number of schools. Typically, such dust assessments were done in response to occupant concerns to ensure that the total (nuisance) dust in the air were below the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).

Indoor Air Quality Assessments: Our industrial hygienist have conducted assessments in various classrooms and areas of different schools to establish ambient levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), relative humidity (RH), and temperature. All parameters had to fall within the Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommended guidelines.

Mold Remediation Oversight: This entailed the oversight of contractors performing mold remediation at a number of different schools. Our inspectors ensured that visible signs of mold were removed and the levels of humidity were alleviated.

Asbestos and Lead Based Paint Removal Oversight: Our monitors ensured that contractors properly removed of asbestos and lead based paint, thus allowing the areas of the school to be safe for reoccupation.

All the above tasks required the submission of reports that would summarize all the findings and recommendations.

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